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Who Uses New York City Mail Forwarding from Mailbox Rentals USA?

Mailbox Rentals USA provides New York City mail forwarding to a diverse clientele. There are many different reasons for using our services depending on your individual needs. Our clients include:

Exporters, Importers, & Traders

Having a New York City mailing address is beneficial to exporters, importers, and traders because NYC is one of the most important trading ports in the United States. Our New York City mail forwarding service not only allows them to receive their mail, but we also repackage, consolidate, invoice, and ship items to their customers.

Online, Start-up, & Home Businesses

If you’re running a business out of your home, a confidential mailing address is important for keeping your work and home life separate. Having a New York City mailing address also gives your business a more legitimate appearance to customers.

We also provide fulfillment services so that businesses can stock their products with us. Then, they simply email their orders to us and we can package and ship the items to customers.

Accountants, Attorneys, & Doctors

Accountants, attorneys, doctors, and other professionals often use our New York City mail forwarding service to create a confidential mailing address in NYC.


Sometimes individual people need to make use of a confidential mailing address to receive their mail and packages. An NYC mailing address allows you to keep your home address private.


Celebrities need a way to prevent unwanted visits to their homes, so they use an NYC mailing address to receive their fan mail. Being famous is a lot like living under a microscope, so having a public mailing address that is separate from their home address allows them to have some type of private life. It is also helpful for celebrities who frequently travel for work.

University Students & People on the Move

University students and people without a permanent address still need to receive important mail. If you are moving around constantly, having one permanent address to receive mail will cut down on a lot of confusion and stress in your life.  

No matter why you need mail forwarding services, we provide reliable customer service to ensure that you are totally satisfied. Contact us today for more information.