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Count on our business when you are looking for a private mailbox rental in NYC. We accept all types of mail for both personal and business use. Your mailbox in NYC can receive business and personal mail for your convenience. We also provide you with mail scanning, mail forwarding, fax services, check deposit, 24/7/365 mail access, remailing, and mass mailings when you come to us for a New York mailbox rental. Rates vary depending on the needs of each customer. Please email or call our office in New York, New York, for information.

Mailbox Rates

Personal Mail Box—$50 per Month • Business Mail Box—$55 per Month

• Corporate Mail Box—$60 per Month

Whether you are coming to us to rent mailbox in NYC or just have questions about many other services, we are happy to answer your questions. Contact us to save on a New York mailbox rental. We are confident that you will be pleased with your private mailbox rental in NYC.